High Performance Computing Centre

The main goal of the centre is to promote high performance computing (HPC) and boost the capacity of local economy to benefit from the new trends in HPC hardware and software. Globally, the field of HPC is at a crossroad – the speed up of computer processors has shifted from the individual (single-core) CPUs towards multi-core solutions. Graphical processor units (GPUs) are an example of massively parallel processors that have created a paradigm shift in the field of computer modelling and simulations. GPUs enable a speed up by a factor of 100 or more for a small price of hardware.

Such an increase in computational power opens opportunities to explore previously inaccessible scientific and business problems. However, there is a global problem of a lack of highly skilled computational scientists and engineers able to fully leverage the current HPC state of the art. Hence, the centre aims at:

  • supporting individuals interested in applied HPC;
  • promoting HPC know-how in science, engineering, education (including high school), and business;
  • raising the human capital in science-based HPC modelling and simulation;
  • developing HPC simulation and modelling solutions in science, engineering, and business.
Dejan Vinković

Dejan Vinković

Science Coordinator

After receiving his PhD in physics from the University of Kentucky, Dejan moved to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton where he worked for four years. After that he became an Associate Professor at the Physics Department at the University of Split, Croatia. Dejan is actively involved in various research activities in astrophysics and astronomy, biology, sociology and computer science. His research results have been published in some of the top science journals. One of his projects at the University of Split is HYBRID – an experimental cluster that explores HPC technology based on GPUs.
More at www.vinkovic.org.

Dubravko Balić

Dubravko Balić

System Technology Coordinator