About S3I


S3I is a non-profit and non-governmental institution dedicated to support world-class research in the sciences and humanities for the benefit of the society. It serves as a niche for independent and creative thinking, where new and original ideas are free to fly and excel. S3I enables new generations of intellectual leaders to build a bridge with businesses in synergy with the needs of the society in general.


S3I strives to become one of the leading independent non-profit non-governmental research institutions in Croatia and in the region. It will incubate new ideas in a way that would enable scientists to initiate their independent projects. S3I will provide institutional support necessary for project startup, especially by young scientists from Croatia and abroad. Hence, S3I is envisioned as a dynamic and exciting meeting point for creative minds, business entrepreneurs and policy makers. This will be ensured by providing a multidisciplinary setting where people exchange their ideas, which inevitably leads to new business initiatives.

Guiding Principles

S3I works under the policy that:

  • the main criteria for selecting projects and activities supported by the S3I is their originality and quality, without discrimination of any kind, such as age, sex, race, national, ethnic or social origin, disability, religion or belief, political or other opinion, or on any other similar criteria;
  • administrative handling of the S3I activities should be optimized for the best performance;
  • people should be encouraged to perform their own projects and activities that could eventually evolve into independent laboratories, institutions or private firms, while S3I should facilitate such a process;
  • cooperation between business and science should be encouraged and fostered;
  • public promotion of science, especially the sciences conducted at S3I, is the core value of S3I;
  • all researchers at S3I should dedicate at least 5% of their time to public outreach of science.