S3I is co-organizing a conference on astroinformatics

astroinfo2015The 6th international conference on astroinformatics, AstroInformatics 2015, will be held in the beautiful old city of Dubrovnik on the Croatian riviera, on October 5-9, 2015. Science and Society Synergy Institute is a co-organizer of the conference. Astroinformatics is a thriving new discipline that has emerged at the intersection of astronomy/astrophysics, applied computer science, information technology, and statistics, in order to address the scientific challenges and opportunities brought by the continuing exponential growth of data volumes, rates, and complexity. Its goals are to engage a broad community of researchers, both as users and as contributors, to facilitate new discoveries enabled by the growth of data and technology, to foster interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas and methodologies with other fields, and to promote training of the new generation of science and technology leaders in what are now essential research skills for the 21st century. More about the conference is available here: Astroinfo 2015.