Centre for Social Research and Policy Development

The centre’s main objective is providing top quality research, analysis, and advice to non-governmental organizations and research, education, business and government clients seeking to make sound decisions and improve competitiveness in a changing social, economic, technology, and political environment. The centre provides objective evaluation, analysis, and practical recommendations on policies and programmes, such as:

  • Developing strategies to address social, business, economic and technological issues, as well as human resources and financial issues;
  • Evaluating current policies and programmes;
  • Identifying criteria for reconciling supply of and demand for scientific information in decision making;
  • Assessing and analysing of science and technology policies, programmes, and capabilities, both in the public and private sectors;
  • Communicating the results of the scientific research, policy issues and policy recommendations to the wider and expert public.
Dunja Potočnik

Dunja Potočnik


Dunja received a PhD in sociology from the University of Zagreb, with a work entitled “Intergenerational mobility in Croatia (1984-2004): Comparison of the socialist and transitional period”. She works at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and has a rich experience in conducting research studies. Her work includes topics on youth employment, general youth policy, youth and new technologies, social structure and sociology of professions. Dunja has been active in committees at European Commission and Council of Europe working on science, education and youth policies. She has experience in establishing and running national non-governmental associations in the field of science policy.
More at www.dunjapotocnik.org.