The S3I Concept

The key working concept of the Science and Society Synergy Institute (S3I) is to provide stimulative working conditions for the most creative and innovative minds, regardless of their scientific discipline. The focus of S3I is on identifying the most original cutting-edge research ideas and helping them to excel into self-sustainable research projects. S3I is open to researchers from Croatia and abroad. It operates as a safe haven for creative and innovative minds, where their ideas are heard by open-minded visionary investors, the wider society and policy makers.The institute is designed as a meeting point of various active participants in the process of societal development – entrepreneurs, policy makers, education professionals, scientists, artists, etc. – with the common goal of incubating new ideas and supporting independent and creative thinking. The institute operates by providing institutional support to research start-ups, with a special focus on young scientists in all scientific disciplines from Croatia and abroad. Thanks to an open minded and multidisciplinary setting, the Institute enables new generations of intellectual leaders to promote and pursue their visions of a better future of the society. Science and Society Synergy Institute
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Modern Leadership in the Making

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1st Meeting

2nd Meeting
Analiza trendova nezaposlenosti u Međimurskoj županiji
Vizualizacija podataka o nezaposlenosti u Međimurju
Predviđanje nezaposlenosti u Međimurju
Elementi nezaposlenosti u Međimurju
Project news:
EU izbori 2014: mape po općinama i gradovima
EU izbori 2013 u kontekstu
Nezaposlenost i plaće
Obrazovna struktura općina i gradova
Dobna struktura općina i gradova
Analiza referenduma o braku
Početak projekta
Project news:
Američki ambasador u Srbiji otvorio seminar za hrvatske i srpske studente o modernom liderstvu
Students: Apply for Modern Leadership Workshops!
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